Saturday, November 14

hmm holidays

I've just been out of jail for 2 days and I am already broke. Hmm, during semester I complain about having to much to do. During holidays, I'm complaining of being broke. I always complain. It's the way I am. But thing I have never been, until now, is dependent. So I'm planing to tackle these holidays with positivity. I might need it, they say anger and pessimism causes immature aging. We don't want that. Especially not during summer! Yeah!

Can't wait! Beach!
oh damn, I'm already black. Not, complaining. Better than being pasty pale. Suck on that ya noobs! So first internet window shopping of the summer are crayon rings. Just click on the image above and it will take you to this amazing site. But I'm still thinking about it:)

Ah so much to do, so little money. But don't worry, abit of bargaining here and there and you're set! Bring it on! come on! work work work!!

Btw there's a new Cotton On @ the city. George Street, Next to commonwealth bank, Beside priceline, and in front of Myer. All I can say is, convenience.

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rocks&sand. said...

Ooooo I saw that store last night! I got so excited! lol.

If you're black, then that makes me darker than black! muahaha. beach ftw yo! ;)

Hopefully I'll get to see your gorgeous self soon!

Positivity :)