Wednesday, October 28

there is beauty in the breakdown

Looking forward to summer.

wow I have an upcoming exam next thursday, and another two exams the week after that and I have actually immersed myself in more dvds than normal. Instead of studying today, I spent half of the day enjoying the company of a good movie (2 fairly good movies): Ten Inch Hero and Garden State. Not to mention the fact that I slept @ 2am this morning after watching Nanny Diaries, which is also not that bad. Let me elaborate on a few of these movies.

Ten Inch Hero : MA+15 : Comedy.
I wanted to get this movie for the same reason I normally get all my other unknown teenage movies - cute guy. This time, it's one of my hoties, Jensen Ackles. Oh yes, Dean from Supernatural, baby. First of all, I want to point out some of my expectations. The cover had 'comedy' in it, so i figured its one of those movies that will give you a good laugh. Then it had 'strong sexual scenes' so I was like, 'hmm interesting'. But what I got was nowhere close to what the cover depicted and everything. Yes it had some jokes and funny moments, but it's more a romantic comedy if anything. And sex scenes was not strong at all, it was good though. Daneel Harris (Rachael from One Tree Hill) is hot hot hot. It was a good one. One of those movies that is not really Oscar type, but those stuff with a cliché ending, which gives you this cool feeling after. But yes, I really liked it. So if you have nothing to do (unlike me) and have no idea what dvd to get on your next trip to the video store, grab this one. But don't watch it with you family. Especially if they are abit conservative;) haha.

Garden State: MA+15: Comedy
This is my second time to watch this movie. First time out, I didn't really get it. I even remember hating it, actually. What drove me to watch this movie again is the fact that it's an independent film, written and directed by Zach Braff. I thought maybe I should give it another try. And this time around, I really enjoyed watching this. It's quirky, it's funny, it's effd up and nicely plotted. I have a feeling this is what 500 Days of Summer would be like, considering that, that too was made independently. Although I must say, it's a happily ever after ending. Which brings me to an important point.

There's nothing wrong with that. Everyone says they hate cliché endings - but the truth is, they really don't. Because if you hate clichéd movies, then you shouldn't be watching any in the first place. Why don't you make your own? There's two kinds of cliché movies - good and bad. Some directors can pull off a good cliche some just throws it down to the drain. This movie, I must say, is the good one=) It takes patience, to watch this movie cause the plot can get abit tedious, but bare with it. Numerous amazing and catchy phrases.

On a slightly different (but related) note, while looking for a Garden State image, I came across this funny blog website called ''. I didn't get a long read through it, but the one I read was pretty funny so I'm assuming, with a link as funny as that, must represent a hilarious content as well.

thats all for now. gotta head back to listen to a not-so-liked-lecturer and subject. sigh. I definitely prefer genetics OVER this. argh

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