Sunday, October 18

sample survey

Rate from a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being very unproductive and 5 being very productive.

Effort for cognition assignment this weekend. 4
Effort for assessment assignment this weekend. 1
Finding an awesome bargain and spent money. 5
Catching up with tv shows on net. 1

nice. Although, I'm planning to make my cognition response go up to 5 and assessment response to the midway, 3 by the end of tonight. COME ON!

At dance yesterday, our warm up was slightly different from usual. Instead of stretching and doing sit ups and technique work, we killed ourselves with yoga. awesome? I know. That got me wondering. If you have the techniques and control of a ballet dancer, flexibility and core strength from pillates and yoga, musicality of a jazz dancer, expressiveness of a contemporary dancer, and flare of a hiphop/ breakdancer, how amazing is that? sigh. yep my life long goal is not to be a known dancer but a skilled and versatile unknown one:)

cousin goes back, it will be sad. But I am looking forward to the time when it's my turn to visit her. hmm maybe this summer of next? or maybe spring break next year? hmmm ohwell, it will happen!
I feel like cookies
next episode: afghans


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