Saturday, September 26


happy birthday Janelle.

Here are some of the photos from my birthday.

I havn't danced in a long while because of assignments so I agreed to go today. We thought Ramon Doringo will be teaching and they did not notify us otherwise! but when we got there, he wasn't in. I really hope he's all fine. Because I'm going to cry. He is like one of the best dance teachers I've ever seen. So yes. ohwell I will keep coming back. Maybe we should change the day. haha he probablu just want a Saturday off. lol. Like me! like what they say... great minds think alike. Since he wont be teaching saturdays anymore, it's good cause I'll be working on that day from now on. haha

anyway. thats all for now. I'm slightly relaxing because I need it. But I have that cognition discussion to do.. sooo THAT SUCKS! im off.

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