Thursday, August 13

to ponder frequently

Every year I have the same thought whenever I see students graduating. 'They are sooo lucky! They're done!' And then I'm suddenly calculating how much time I have left. Thing is, its not that I don't like lectures, tutes, and labs - I'm kind of excited for fulltime work. I know it will suck, work hours are insane, responsibilities are just unbelievably scary. But the challenge and thrill. I guess I'm hungry for that. And lets not forget about the money=DSo no matter how depressed my assignments makes me feel. I will definitely miss this place. Also lastnight, Roco finally had a taste of the famous Hurricanes pork ribs. We ordered half rack because apart for the lack of bravery and being money deficient and all, we were really not that hungry. Just thirsty;) Rish ordered a full rack and was still unsatisfied- completely ignoring the fantastic sauce and the juicy intercostal muscles! Not to mention the fact that it was served with chips. An important fact to remember is, that guy will not be happy without his rice (damn filipino). Just ordered steak. Yes. It so happens to be that Hurricanes make awesome steaks. And some of our pork ribs went to him as well so I hope that guy was satisfied. He definitely deserved every bit of it since, he beat the train to darling harbour [long story] He will be happy to story- tell for everyone (his head will definitely be very very inflated while reading this). But props to him for beating the train to townhall- who cares if he ran or bolted or jogged, point is, he got there before us=D kudos! brother.goodnight

p.s. camera = sucks balls

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