Wednesday, July 22

in summary

Fads to me are trends, whats in, and what is agreed upon by the masses to be cool. And most importantly, it is also short lived. Unfortunately, it tends to be universal. By this, I mean, it is consistent throughout all aspects of life. Fads are present within dance, music, art, architecture, and most commonly, fashion..... blah blah blah. I could go on with all the hating, but what I'm trying to come across is that alot of people fail to appreciate the meaning, origin and point to everything. Like photography, you're not cool only because you own the latest high range camera or because you have a cupboard full of vintage cameras. Photography is not just about taking pictures. Posing for a picture. The reason why photography is so interesting is because of its ability to stop time even for a fraction of a second. I dont believe in edited pictures. I think that by this era, we have the goods to capture something on the spot perfectly.
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