Thursday, March 5

let angels guide...

you on your lofty quest.

Angels and Demons
Dan Brown

Ive started reading this book just last week. And if you really know me, I read my books really slow. I spend like a month finishing them. And nearing the end of this book by next week is pretty good for me. That speed is normally unusual to the point that I might've skimmed through it or its really really good. And in this instance, its the latter. You dont need to be a full on religious history buff to get it or be a physicist to get it because its basically explained to you in a very engaging narrative way. If you like detective books, religious history, science and action, this is the book to immerse yourself in. Having been the first book from Dan Brown series (series includes the
The Da Vinci Code) its pretty awesome. Yes it wasn't a full sell-out like The Da Vinci Code, but its still good. I havnt gone up to the end so Im not particularly sure of the ending... but its worth having a read!

4/5 so far......


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Anonymous said...

hmm i saw this at the book store near tafe the other day... interesting