Sunday, March 15


by Lacoste.
Now this is a good one. I first experience is euphoria at a friends place. She had this given to her as a gift and its just fantastic. The 75ml one was only roughly $60 a sale actually, went down from ~$90. So I did not waste the once in a lifetime chance:)

09/03/09- 15/03/09
(im not including expenses on saturday, 7th)

2x Salad - 13.80
Psyc Books - 100
coffee - 2.70 a must [fullstop]
breadtop - 4.20
lemon lime & vodka - 6
2x steak - 16
powerade - 3.50 thirsty
porkroll - 3 hungry
perfume - 59.95 on sale, great bargain (was originally $89.95)
sushi - 5.40
salad - 6.50

total - 221.05

lets strike out the necessary ones (i.e. uni stuff)
coming down to: 86.15

thats still alot for a week=( but its mainly because of the perfume, which is a one off thing. Since I dont normally buy perfumes for myself. So I would probably last 3 years without getting another one=D and still smell good. Thats what I call investment:)

Recommended reading:
- Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (comedy, romance)
- The Memory Keeper's Daughter (drama)

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