Saturday, February 14

vee day

What really is Vday? come on seriously. Valentines day is as useless as a pebble in a runny stream and yet people make it so important. BUT how important is it really? like come on.... if its that significant why cant everyone greet people properly. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY not happy Vday. thats just wrong man! I feel sorry for the DAY in itself. sigh*

anyway I wont rant away about valentine day! because the best day was yesterday! haha Friday the 13th! a rainy day. the best was to spend a scary rainy day, is to invite yourself to someone's place, grab a few mates with you, make pancakes, watch the chicky-est flick possible, and take alot, i mean ALOT of webcam/digi pics! woohoo! its a partay baby!

pics from the past few days will be posted up soon! my net is just weird!

I close this entry with a very very big happy awesome day to everyone! I think everyday should be a great and special day=D so grab that special someone and take them out! OR an even better surprise them with an unexpected gift:)

fyi. dont demand and expect too much

p.s. i love you, boobie

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