Tuesday, December 30

tell me, why......!

You love me because I'm simple, and sometimes, less is more

Omg the last few days of 2008 is like a lolly bag filled with candies and even up to the very last day of 08 you just keep filling it up. except instead of candies you fill it with memories.!! tomorrow is 08's last day, and to be frank with everyone here, my manager is insane for making me work, because of top of work: afternoon, i am planning to plan a breakfast beforehand, meeting a friend afterward, preparing food for NYE, watch the fireworks, EAT the prepared food, and have a slumber party with siblings!! OMG! 2009. The whole reminiscing thing wont be happening because there is just so much time and Im growing varicose veins and white hairs at such an early age... so I wanna do something worthwhile than to post up memories of 2008. hahah sorry guys! BUT yes, 09 is coming in a bang baby, firstly, Im working FULL ON on the first weekend of 09... i guess its a good sign, that i will be rich in the new year, butits also a sign that i will be tired.!! OMG.. that reminds me, its time to look at yearly horoscopes!bwehahaa itll be awesome-O!ANOTHER thing that is bugging me is how broke i AM at the moment. and i dont get paid til this week BUT i guess in a way its good, cause i get paid on thursday, and thats the new year baby!1 woot woo.!!!!

anyway Im really hungry!
all i will say is..... I WANT THE LOVE BOOK!! KIKKI K FIND ME ONE!

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