Wednesday, December 3


have you ever,

- thought about what you want your life to be?
- just wanted to knock out your manager cause shes fat fugly b that think shes the best person in the world and you hate her more cause you think to yourself how a Godzilla can get paid more than you?
- stopped to think that people are not what they say they are and that everyone just wears a mask, a beautiful facade.
- been a positively minded person? if you haven't, maybe its time, cause your wrinkles are getting more noticeable:S
- slept more that 10 hours? can i leach some of your sleep you fart
- have you ever believed in santa claus? i want money, santa
- put something on hold and then canceled it and then want to put it back on hold?
- played Cranium?
- had your boost mango magic taken buy a shopkeeper for leaving it on some rack?come on, you'll come back for it anyway. unless its empty. bwhahaha
- wanted to sleep but wont cause you want to blog more but have nothing more to add?

hmmm goodnight

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