Thursday, November 6


I am still awake in the middle of the night just to write on this silly blog. I have been awake for a few minutes now deciding on whether or not to delete this.The doubt is from that feeling you get when you are about to make a rash decision. Im just trying to make sure that maybe deleting this blog wont be one of those. to try and see, I deleted this other blog that is on the same account, and a note said that the posts/archives will also be permanently deleted if i chose to get rid of the blog and im pondering whether I would really like that.
See there is a much better blog now. much better than this. It talks about spaces, materiality, buildings, houses, important people. BUT one thing it lacks, that makes me want to keep this blog is music, randomness, art, and fun. BUT what is the point, if the reason this blog came into existence is not there anymore.

On a slightly lighter note, I think everyone should be encouraged to watch DEXTER. It is just truly amazing. On top of my normal, Gossip GirlOTHHeroes list of things to watch during off-peak time, I have included DEXTER and,... there are just no words to explain it:) HAHA some people might not like it BUT I DO!. bwhahahhaa

well i must go and put myself to sleep, only for a few hours. MUST wake up early and keep watching dexter, and maybe have lunch with a few friends. BUT THAT A HUGE MAYBE=)

i will miss you, Howie Day. I am still thinking of you every minute of everyday.


p.s. I think the reason why you like this blog is this section here. Well it wont be here for long. enjoy.

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