Saturday, August 23

OMG! i want sleep.
Its funny how a single thought can escalate and become a deeper and more meaningful thought. I have been known to have realistic vies in life (most of the time) and this is my account for growing up.

It hits you in the face. Life is not a fantasy. If you grow up knowing that when you grow up things will be easier cause you know more stuff and is more mature. That when you pass your puberty, your body cools down and becomes more relaxed. The funny thought that after highschool, you will get more sleep. That when you are not kid anymore, you can understand people. The wierd thing that life will be alot easier and almost perfect because you know its mysteries. Well this is all, a fragment of what we "think"we hope life would be. I emphasise on the "think" because, i can safely say with all my heart,that no one wants clarity. yes there is confussions here and there; happy and angry people up and down; relaxation and tiredness everywhere, BUT at the end of this, no matter how much we yearn for clarity, We enjoy the presence of confussion and that thought that, life is a mystery. This mysterious nature of life, Our life is what makes tomorrow a little more exciting that yesterday. Life is fragile.

Having said this, it is important to treasure every minute of it. I mean this in a literal and a metaphorical sense. When you invite people on your birthday, the worst thing to do (besides not paying for the whole party/dinner) is to arrive late, while the visitors wait their way through a queue as long as an anaconda. Yes its your night and yes eveyrone should be considerate, BUT everyone ALSO means you.

Now the best was to enjoy the rest of the night after being bashed by the useless hospitality in star city and the crap customer service and ahhh hjuyst everything crap, is to head to HARBOURSIDE and pick one of their restaurant. NOT one will bring disappointment. Just as long as your wallet doesnt get hurt and your stomach is jumping off its seat, then your all set. Tonight, like most nights we go out, we had dinner at Thaifoon. This restaurant was a last minute decision brought about by the hunger catalysed by waiting for an hour in queueing in front of star city garden boufet. NOT worth $30. Sorry. BUT in Thaifoon, their BBQpork fried rice and Pad kee mao, is something to experience. Awesome stuff, not to mention their gold looking cutleries!! ahhhh just awesome! With just the perfect view of the Sydney city skyline, and to top eveyrthing of, imagine FIREWORKS, like new year's fireworks at sydney. ONLY difference is, you gather and anticipate for the coming of thge 20minute firework show, THIS one, is a surprise, especially when you have never heard of fireworks at the harbour before!! OMG. I was just breathless. here we are, coming from the dreaded star city, walking on a cold winter night, finding a place that looked affordable, ordered our cheap meals, waiting and then BAM BAM BAM BOOM PLOP BAM PLOP PLOP PLOP... then the sky just started to glitter!

and you just wonder, WHAT IS THE OCCASSION? you sit there bewildered, yet, you think to yourself, THANK GOD WE LEFT STAR CITY AT THE RIGHT TIME!

well goodnight and sweet dreams

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