Sunday, July 20

Funeral for a Friend - History.

Hello all.

To be honest, I have it so difficult to find time to blog nowdays, or even read other blogs! Its all Uni and Work, and Michelle ofcourse. Dancing takes (what used to be Sundays) Saturday mornings and the rest of the day spent chilling in the city with my lover. Sunday's I get to relax. The Uni-break is almost over and i have yet to have a real holiday. I work bloody five days a week and its pressuring. I hate our current clients. Although at the end of it all I get the experience, money and glory (which take note, i am very grateful of. Thankyou Lindstrom) I just need abit of a break. Sketchup and Microstation is getting abit too much for this holidays.

On another note, I can enjoy having friends and my girlfriend come visit me at work during my lunch break and it makes me happy that they really do care. So you think you can Dance is back on tv, and I'm liking it. Will and Kherington are cool! But Travis Wall is the best!

I am looking forward to next semester. It will be over so soon and then I will only have another 2 years before I have a graduation. Yep! Its very exciting! I an gonna have a big gown! I am very proud of my awesome awesome baby, Michelle, for getting a job! Receiving multiple job offers and choosing one! Yay, income!

I want Summer to come back. I miss wearing shorts without feeling cold. I miss going home late with the sunshine's rays pointing right at you. I just love summer and it's aura! I miss not having to wear a jumper. I miss walking in the summer sun. Summer is just the best.

Thats all for me today, I love Michelle A.

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