Tuesday, March 4

I finally finished my Life of Pi and i want to share yet another awesome paragrach about letting go. it sound abit emo but its really helpful in life and it was exactly what i was talking to jan about a few days before i read the paragraph. aww Yan Martel is trully a genius. Now im eating through, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. So far, its been good but i have hardly started so many more surprises. I just hope it doesnt get boring cause i will end up getting annoyed because of the fact that it has been my thickest book so far (no i havnt read HP and dont plan to ever reading it) and this book is apparently planned to be in the cinemas soon, so i must finish before that happens. bwahhaha

These dance practices every week has been really fun, cause it makes me catch up with people i would never have or will take a long time to catch up with. so, two thumbs up.
the dance is coming to shape. we only need 2x 16counts of steps to do and we can get to perfecting it, baby. I must thank the people who quitted or end up NOT dancing, cause it make the job easier lol. heheh and so, ONLY the best dancers remain. I just hope the ones we have now dont quit on us the day or night before or maybe hour before. THE guys are going crazy every single day at the same rate that they become fewer. ohwell. shizz happens.

WENT to archictecture orientation day yesterday. its a part of O-week at unsw and it was great. hheheh besides attending a 2 hours welcome lecture(which concluded with sean having to do a blog for homework) we had a chance to get FREE stuff(always a great way to start anything in LIFE). We got free fairy floss, free drinks, free student diary, free bags and there was a jumping castle, but i came to my better judgement and didnt join with the other randoms.
Met a really cool chick named, LARA. eheheh shes pretty cool. She joined us in the lecture, maybe because she either finds me cool or pretty. LMAO. nah im going to settle for the first adjective, thanks. after that, we separated from LARA cause she had something else to do, so sean and I played SNAP and B*** with these plack of cards someone didnt want. hheheh I must add that it was an awesome pack of cards. STUPID people, never grateful. SIGH* did some contemporary dance step in the park at unsw. and chilled till around 3.
WENT to wynyard and met amy's sister, as for the story, i shall tell anyone who asks.looked for a red dress for dannie's birthday party. walked to townhall and kept searching for the perfect and most affordable red dress that i can dance with.
ANYONE who has passed through QVB(ithink) to townhall station, have smelt the "sweet nuts" like smell. its this shop that coats peanuts and all kinds of nuts with sugar. WE tried that out and yes it was cool.
HOME at last. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE camera men SUCKS!!! my blind dog can shoot better than that. the AIM of the bloody show is to let australia see how good the dances and dancers are, how the heck can that happen if we are too close to their penises and vaginas and if we can almost see their toes cause the camera is so low. AND the time where to vibrate or move the camera in a certain way that matches the song, SO NOT COOL! like when these two dancers were doing the krump, the camera just kept beating as well. a kind movement that makes it looks like the camera is krumping as well. seriously, since when was that a film technique. BS! I HAtE THE CAMERA man/men. i hope it changes soon cause every week i watch it, i never get use to it. sigh* !!! MUST FIRE THE CAMERA MAN NOW! in addition, I HATE HOW REESE IS GAY!

anyway im off now lads and lasses! you take care cause my eyes are hurting and i just blogged to check out how cool sean's keyboard is. result: ordinary keyboard. i dont like how the letters are so small and i dont like how its slightly harder to type. hehhehe ohwell its all good, its wireless and it can type.!! HORRA!!!

see ya elves

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