Thursday, March 20


well IT SHALL be reborn! heheh as some of you maybe aware of by now, uni has started for the CRUE, that is, UNSW. we started last week. and so far it has been GREAT. the walk and transport to and from the uni is, however, TIRING to death!

SCIENCE is good, as you can tell from the absence of my blogs.
and as for ARCHITECTURE, when you go to sean's new blog site for uni, YOU'LL see how well hes doing in his course. heheheh i am the oddest science graduate to be, cause i think i am the only one who does a language!. LMAO im the best thats why!

UNI food is quite expensive!
UNI cappucinos ARE crap!
michelle, shamma, me, sean and lara are UNI buddies (BABS, BENE-V, PSYC, ARCHI, LARA)

BREAKS are cool but too long of it is abit wierd and boring.

i cant be bothered brigning my laptop and also making cool friends. in uni you just kinda meet people and then talk to them today.. and just wave at them later, until the day you guys sit next to eachother again!

LECTURES are great, tutorials are sometimes over rated, while LABS are underrated!

THATS all for now folks.

TODAY is our eleventh month. had dinner at chinta ria! awesome place. good food. and cool lemon bitters bottles. some pictures will be posted up soon.

adios. goodnight

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