Saturday, December 22

what a week was last week? birthday, HSC results, and UAI. well i wont mention anythingabotu HSC and UAI more than speaking of their names. Simply because of the fact thatit is just too stressing and also a waste of time, mourning about what couldve been your results IF you worked harder or IF you werent distracted or IF so you think you can dance wasnt on. NO MORE WHAT IF's cause basically, getting into the COURSE is alll that matters. ALTHOUGH, id like to give my school a little bit of credit and "goodname", just a little. FOR a school that isnt selective and situated in the west, WE have some of the smartest and most intelligent people i know and will ever know. AND most importantly, THEY ARE COOL. like seriously, those who got really high UAIs THEY had a SOCIAL life DURING hsc.. they didnt jJUST sit there and study! THIS is called "control". and i love them. well i told my parents that its not about the school. No matter how crappy your school is, IF YOU ARE MEANT TO BE SMART AND BE AT THE TOP, YOU WILL BE. so if you are in a selective school, or one of the top 200 schools, if your dumb, your dumb.

for everyone, IM PROUD OF YOU GUYS!. keep up the good work.

friday was an awesome day. house bumming at sean's house. and people that i wanted to come were there. Im glad cathy came! she was pretty cool to come over even after an appointment so that was great! ill be posting pictures up from that day soon(when there are no spies around).

its another new week and as usual, i got DVDs.
-The Sweetest Thing
-Get Rich or die Trying
-40 days and 40 nights
-Sin City
-A Good Year
-Chuck and Larry
-John Tucker Must Die

Havnt watched everything yet but I will definitely get to it completely at the end of the weekend. But, I must say, I didnt expect The Sweetest Thing(ST) to be good. It wasnt boring, it was funny and you know for a movie to spend time, then its an awesome one. Cant really comment much on the cinematography of romantic/comedy movies cause thats not where the emphasis is. But overall, FUNNY. 40 days and 40 nights (40d&40n), was abit freaky but still FUNNY. it wasnt as good as the above mentioned but it was OK. If you wanna laugh and like sex jokes then this is where you should go. ST is kind of in the same degree of sex jokes BUT its more of a girl movie than 40d&40n which is more on guy egos and their view on sex.

VACANCY, i must say is one of the best thriller movies ive watched FOR A LONG as TIME! about time something got me of my chair a few times or covering my ears once in a while and sometimes, i almost let out a yelp. so it was awesome. Its not a monster/ghost story, but more on that "vacant motel with bad history" story line. abit cliche but, the approach they used was just a little bit different. pretty realistic, theres no scene when the killer get stabbed a few times then is alive again. NOPE none of those. SO its a GREAT movie. get it now on DVD!

SIN CITY was pretty awesome! some people LOVE it obviously because of jessica alba. Others hate it simply because the movie is 98% in BLACK AND WHITE. but others, like me, like it cause of the awesome theatrical features like fragments of coloured object in SOME scenes. GREAT STUFF. the dark theme is just fabolous. the hookers at "old town" can almost be applauded. as a fan of that "assasination" type movies, i liked it. stabbing, shooting and blood just gets me right in the soul. i anticipated for the movie for a while now cause i wanted to see jessica alba (im a fan) BUT was abit disaapointed cause, SHE wasnt as "main" of a character. For example, there was more of "Goldie" (jaime king) than Nancy(jessica alba). In addition, there will be Sin City 2 =)

MOVIES i want to watch
- The Eye (2008)
- Sin City 2 (2009)
- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

thats all for now.
alright im off guys.

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