Sunday, November 11

wow!the other 1/2 A team finally blogged.well thats what youd be expecting now that the exams are finished and infact, the whole highschool life is finito!cant still believe it, ive been dreaming about finishing school from the day i started school, overall. and especially for the past stressing HSC year, gosh, ive been dong nothing but wishing for everything to be over. AND now that it is, nothing could be better. it hasnt been a week yet and ive been out most of the days, even rainy days. seeing the boyfriend more frequently is definitely better than great.

last night was Sabrina's eighteenth birthday party at her home at Parklea. YES near blacktown-_- and yes i had to go to blacktown. for those who dont know me, theres nothing to know but the fact that i dont really like blactown. anyway, the journey with lea and amira made it all the more fun, because they make you forget your in the sh- hole. met at parra, trained to blacktown and then got on to a bus then got off THE RIGHT street! oh! so proud of us.were three hours early so we helped out with decorations and it was fun seeing people come in.LMAO. during the time here at parklea, my other half was with his lovely wallst boys, which i wouldve loved to have been a part of (next time). ohwell the party was alright, but the only thing that made it alright was because of sabrina's family, cute little kiddies, and soem of the music. but other than that, mainly the people who were KJs and were nto dancing well they were boring and can just go get farted. I mean, how sad can you get if your at a party and not if you looked crazy who bloody cares! ironically, (referring to someone specific) this person who just sat there was the one talking about how guys/boys/males are no fun at parties until they get drunk. maybe true but i dont see you being any different you fart up semi feministic/narcist piece of shizer. BUT i came to the party for sabrina. and girl you are one of teh most lovely person in the world. your kind and caring nature is to be applauded. stay the same. I dont have to mention about the food being so awesome and great! bring-joles and chicken curry with rice all the way man. but if that didnt suit your fancy, then try out pasta bolognese or white sauce, still not, then youll be great with salad or dinner roles.bwahahhaha.

last wednesday, the crue arranged and cleaned the auburn crib. it was initially a pigsty and now a lovely heaven where there is enough room to have session on the floor. bwahahha. had popcorn (not burnt) and overall had an awesome day with the boyfriend and his family.

i now have my formal dress, after minutes of precise selection. its great i love the dress. another thing is, it was cheap and not long. THE SHOES is all that matter bwahaha.. well im off now, ill try to continue thsi later but if not, then ill see you guys soon at the next blog.

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