Friday, September 7

goodmorning everyone,

i dont ususally blog in mornings, or almost ever, but im blogging now cause im on my computer, and i dont know what to do but listen to music. i cant wait til tommorrow cause i miss my elephant. last night i was digging through my old stuff and found CHILDREN OF BODOM. I LOVE THOSE GUYS. but yeh, i cant believe this hsc is all over in like..a few weeks. we've been bludging in class so much its not funny. right when year 11 ended, we were all like "ok, this is yr 12, i have to study, no girls/guys, no fun!". HA! we wished. BUT you know what? i dont really regret anything, cause this year of fun and one girl has made it the best year ive ever had.

im gonna make a new layout for this page later today, cause im getting bored of this white page and stuff. and i realised that i admire pianist, cause they can press the keys so fast its not funny! they claim its easier than a guitar, but i dont think so. thre are so many keys! but oh well! kevin thinks he's crap, but really, hes a freaking machine on the piano! i also admire how singers tell me of these different dynamics stuff and its so different and interesting cause metal people just rock it out.

i miss you my elephant,
and i cant say that any better than it already is.
i want to see my wild elephant again.

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