Sunday, September 16


Q: what have I learnt over the past 18 years?
A: a freakin TOO much to blog about.

- i dont go out with friends ONLY if i find it convinient. YES of course it takes effort to go anywhere and somtimes i just cant be bothered but that doesnt mean i DONT hangout if it takes alot of effort. I think people just need to understand that. even just a little bit.
- being eighteen is pretty good. apart from the fact that my birthday have been stretched into a weeks party, I also managed to obtain alcohol for my lovely teacher with my school id. Pretty awesome.
- nothing relaxes a person more than a company with the closest friends and family.
- little things might tick me off sometimes but theres a deeper look into crap that tick my mind:i)i question how life can be so spontaneous that all of a sudden one of your close friend is so distant that even a stranger is closer to him/her than you are.ii)personally i dont care about biology notes.My point is, how can a close friend forget you out of all the other "strangers", especially when YOU are the one in NEED?i just dont get it sometimes.iii)YOU can be SO close to a friend and still, they wont count you into their "closefriends" circle.
- No one in this world will care for you before themselves. No one. Not even YOU. BUT when you find that someone, who you wouldnt mind risking your life (worst case scenario) to, MARRY HIM/HER (but make sure he/she does it for you
- Years bloody ending and this year has definitely been AWESOME!!

eighteen yrs RESOLUTION
+ripping the HSC
+well toned abs
+catch up with people
+focus on crucial expenditure ONLY (FOOD&shoes)
+psychology course at any uni

i think its time to party!
- sometimes i forget about everything. My life becomes so simple, because all i think about is you.

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