Sunday, July 22

-Rhodes is officially ranked #1 for michelle's favourite suburbs followed by Olympic Park. I think i should find a place there. Rhodes Phoenix will be revisited FOR SURE.
-Happy Birthday Ann (april 14)
-Happy Birthday Tee (april 19)
-Happy Birthday M. (april 21)
-Happy Birthday Shamma
-Happy Birthday Kevin
-My photobucket account looks extra cool!!
-Dinner was great. thanks tee.
-2 pairs of shoes in a month.GOODSTUFF!
-Im looking forward for people's birthday YET,the more it comes closer, my MAJOR work keep expanding simultaneously.
-When they ask me how my school is in terms of academics, i tell them its not the best. Its true. BUT I am proud to say that my school has a few of the best teachers/professors/HSCmarkers in NSW. I have a music teacher that thought me how to ace my Aurals and has further nurtured my voice. An economics teacher who sounds like economics textbook writers BUT way cooler cause she keeps Mr.Cow. A pregnant english teacher who continuosly comes to school despite of her inflated belly.My 4unit teacher who is as shifty as an iguana. An old english male teacher who makes the funniest smart jokes. These are the teachers that are worth going to my school FOR, man. FART.
-I think the last book of Harry Potter is out and People are going crazy. But not ME. Hope you guys got your copy.
-Bands are cool when YOU MEET THEM.If not, ITS NOT COOL.

And those who make each day worth living...the Crue

i dote turtle more than forver.
i want you to just, take me away.

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