Saturday, June 9

i guess im back

realised i havnt been blogging in a while so i thought to add a little excitement and colour to this site. ITS june and only half a year left until 2007 is finished and lest than 6 months till people finish year 12. MAN fart! it has been a rapid year for yr 12s. if its not for you, then i have know idea but there is something wrong. ALOT of things happened this TERM it self. Ill create an itroduction for my blog today and then by body will be bulleted cause i simply cannot put everything in words let alone structure..

people go through up and downs. BUUT it wont JUST go away. no.! you gotta fix it yourself. cause hey, to quote shakespeare,"Nothing will come of nothing."

-ECONOMICS excursion was mighty fun.
-i miss my kellyville cousin.
-INlove, slowmotion
-i miss and love dancing. BUT im sick of contemporary.i yearn for LATIN
-HSC is getting hectic.
-english advance goes in circles!
-theres trials to rip.
-studies.studies.catchup.more studies.
-winter is here and i need a tiny wardrobe makeover.
-its cold and raning. great time to snuggle up and get cosy.wont YOU agree?
-been cashed out recently.
-missing somone so much.
-recovered from sickness.
-yearbook should be cool
-year 12 muckup picture! cool as.
-yr 12 "compulsory" study period and area. worst school decision!
-kisses.kisses.and more kisses.
-upcoming holidays will be packed.
-in need of credit, money, consumer material but hey want DONT i need.
-iLOVEmy soontobe "tutor"

THATS all i can think of for now.
overall, YEAR 12 is freakin awesome!

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