Saturday, May 5

damn people, i havnt done this in ages. most of it's been michelle recently! but anyway, im bloging because a whole lot of cool things have happened in the week. it was like a clearance week aswell. ok, so under the hefty graphics pressure, i still didnt get to finish all i wanted, though i was happy with my project.

almost all week, i didnt have an alone session with my lovely elephant so i felt pretty empty, but at the time where we did, it was a freaking elysium. AND THEN! yesterday, we went to bondi to see king lear. the play was alright, but the other things made the night cooler. MICHELLE got to go to a sydney beach for the first time EVER! she was stunned. EMIN jumpped in the water at like 12, i wouldhave done it if there was a surfboard, then i couldnt resist. RISHI is funny to annoy, especially with KEVIN who makes the blimp ride HEAPS MORE FUN! i wanted to stay longer at the beach so i could be satisfied, and probably complete what i started - because i wasnt finished.

when i come to think of it now, theres only a few people in the school i think im GUARANTEED i'll never lose:
the elephant
the wingman

all in all, fun night. when i bring my deck, theres no ground to skate, when i dont, i regret it.

gnilkniwt avilas gnignahcxe snoitcus are the sex when you love and miss someone dearly like a deranged monkey

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